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Schnauzer Kids breeds exceptional miniature Schnauzers.  Our first experience with Schnauzer Kids was when my son and
his wife bought their puppy, Baxter.   Baxter is now going on 4 years old and is a healthy, smart and lovable dog.  I already
own a 15-year old Schnauzer and felt it was time to get another puppy.  Just a few weeks ago I “adopted” Cooper, who
immediately made himself right at home and is getting along with my older dog amazingly well.  Cooper is extremely smart
and is almost completely house trained after only 3 weeks.  

I also have another friend who, after my referral, bought her puppy from Schnauzer Kids and has had an equally positive
experience.   These puppies are well bred, extremely adaptable to new homes, easily trained, and obviously have an
experienced and conscientious breeder.  If you are considering adopting a new puppy into your family and want a Schnauzer
I highly recommend Schnauzer Kids as an outstanding kennel
                                                                                                        - Debbie Grooms-
Amanda, just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to purchase Tanner.  He has been the perfect
addition to our family.  Besides being complimented on his wonderful disposition where ever we go
people are amazed at his beautiful thick coat.  He is a snuggler and loves to cuddle up for a movie
but he also enjoys his playtime and being outside with the other dogs.

Sincerely, Brittany
I wanted to let you know that we love Max. He is the most loving and gentle dogs
imaginable.  I've included pictures of him with my brother's little puppy as well as with
one of our miniature schnauzers.  When I introduced the puppy it was obvious that he
has been around puppies. My grandson (3 years) spent the week with us and climbed all
over Max..sometimes he slept right through it.

Bill and Angela Hastings
Jessi LOVES kids - she went to N Carolina with me this summer and played with my grandkids all week. She
even pouted a little when we got home!Jessi is beautiful and has a very shiny coat. Right now I feed her Royal
Canin. I'll use that her first year to give her a great start.Jessi still comes to work with me once in a while. She
gets LOTS of attention and knows just where to station herself by my desk to make sure people see her. Jessi
rarely barks. When she does, it's usually to tell someone to notice her & give her attention. Her other bark is at
a sound she doesn't recognize or if she sees someone coming to our front door.She loves toys, knows and
how to sit. Such a smart girl. She got fixed at 6 months.I'll get some more pictures taken and sent. The one with
the girls: she loves stuffed animals - no matter what size.
We found Amanda through her website and also doing some research on google, we were looking for a miniature
schnauzer and we had many questions because we were new in this pet business. I contacted Amanda to see if we
can meet the puppies and to get some answers, she was very patience and kind with us, she showed us some
puppies and parents too, and of course she answered all our questions, we have 2 daughters (7 and 4) and we wanted
to make sure he was going to be right dog for our family, also I was concern about the potty training, in this issue,
Amanda does a wonderful job, she uses newspaper and so we did and it worked perfectly. We got our puppy when he
was 9 weeks old, and at night he will do his business on the newspaper next to his bed, after 2 weeks he starts
sleeping all night long without going. Of course during the day the first few weeks he had some accidents in the
house, but it was just matter to know him and have him on a routine. Now he is 4 months old and and sleeps from 9 or
10pm until 6:00am. He plays and have fun with everyone in the house and also he  is very friendly with our neighbors
ant their pets, we take him for short walks and he is adjusting pretty good to the leash.
He is a fine schnauzer, very smart and sweet. We just love him!!!!

I think Amanda does a great job with all her dogs, you can tell from them, that she is a great breeder. She gave us
confidence since the day we met her, and we can even call her nowadays if something comes up with our puppy.
We are very please with her, and we definitely recommend Schnauzer Kids.
Thank YOU Amanda!!!

Paola Ricaurte

PS. In this picture KUZCO is about 3 months old

Hi Amanda!
I am so sorry that basically three years have passed and until now I’m writing a
testimony for you about my precious baby. Salty boy (Yordie) has been the joy of our
house. He makes this house 150 times happier. He mostly follows me around but he
basically loves all four of us equally: my mom, my dad, my brother and I. Every time
we walk him everyone always has to come to him and greet him and pet him. He is a
celebrity around here. We are also very lucky to have found a groomer who is an
specialist on Schnauzers. We have Yordie under a wellness plan at the pet smart's
Banfield. He is our little prince and though he gets a bunch of affection and he is
very spoiled he is also very smart and very sweet. I thank you and your kennel so
much for making this possible. For making my first puppy ever this amazing dog who
even though is spoiled so much everyday is well-behaved and very smart. We love
him dearly. Thank you.