I found our precious little boy, Koda, on PuppyFind.com and connected to the Hulett web site from there.  The web site, www.hulettsminiatureschnauzer.
com, was very helpful and I enjoyed seeing all the photos of the puppies, the moms and dads.  It was comforting to know that these puppies are raised
with five children, knowing that my new addition would be coming into a house filled with four boys under the age of eight, plus a two year old female
miniature schnauzer.
When Amanda Hulett says on her web site, contact me if you have any questions – she really means it.  I called her and emailed her many times to ask
questions and to check on the status of my puppy.  Koda arrived and was perfect!
We brought him to the veterinarian five days after we got him for a check up.  He was completely up to date with his shots so he just had a physical.  
Our veterinarian said that he has nice bone structure, a perfect bite and a beautiful coat.  He did have an upset tummy – possibly due to a full day of air
travel followed by three busy days of Christmas Eve and Christmas parties with many new people and animal introductions.   He recovered nicely within
a few days.
Our family has a two year old girl schnauzer.  We vividly remember the potty and crate training processes.   Two years ago with our girl, Gigi, we had
many long nights of a sad little girl who was lonely in her crate.  Two years ago, we had multiple potty accidents.   We were all ready to repeat the
training with Koda.  But luckily to our surprise Koda slept in his crate from the first night on without a hitch.  He takes naps in his crate even when we
were all in the same room with him, playing with our other dog.  He is very comfortable and happy in the crate and it is obvious that Amanda put time
and effort into the introduction of a crate.    Even more amazingly he used the puppy pads with 95% accuracy from day one!   I can’t figure out how
Amanda did it, but she trained an 8 week old puppy to pee and poop on a 24” square pad.  Hats off to Amanda!  Two years ago we tried for a month to
get our first puppy to be pee pad trained.  And failed miserably!  Blissfully I can tell you that in the two months since we have had Koda, I can count on
my hands the times he has had an accident off the pads.  
He sleeps all through the night in his crate and in the morning I put him out with my other dog and he does his business ASAP and runs right back inside
when he is done.  
He is very kid friendly and loves his new girl friend Gigi.  He is very playful and has a fantastic personality.   
Amanda and I have kept in contact over the past few months.  She is genuinely interested in the health and happiness of each of her puppies.  She is
also a great source of information for the new family with a new puppy.  
If anyone wishes to contact me for a personal testimony regarding Amanda and my experiences with her and her puppies please feel free to call me at
707 696 5266.


Angela G.
From Santa Rosa, CA
Our daughter Jordan (9) helped us to research for a new puppy.  We just lost our family schnauzer a few
months ago and we were ready for a new little face.  In our research we came across Schnoodles and Jordan
fell in love, she searched and found http://www.hulettsminiatureschnauzer.com and that was it.  She found
this little gal and that was it.  

We live in Northwest Arkansas about 3.5 hours away.  We really appreciated Amanda meeting us part way
making the trip so much easier.  

Amanda groomed her before we picked her up and gave her the traditional schnauzer cut at 7 weeks old,
absolutely adorable.

We came up with about 100 names on the way home and walked in the door and my husband said that is
Snickerdoodle, “Snickers” for short.  She has a great personality and is adapting very well.  

Snickers has been held 24/7 with our house full of kids and family and everyone instantly fell in love.  

Thank you,
The Meiers
After settling on the mini schnauzer breed for our new family pet, I search for 6 months for a quality breeder to provide the right puppy.  
I found Hulett’s Schnauzers website and fell in love with one of their  puppies.  

I called right away and talked to Amanda.  She was patient with all my questions and very friendly.  

Amanda stayed in touch with me throughout the whole shipping process, making sure that I was comfortable with the process and that
arrival fit my schedule and still provided safe flight for our new puppy.

Our little Misha arrived safely, very healthy and with the cutest haircut!  We took her to the vet for a thorough puppy check up the same
day she arrived.  The vet was surprised that she was so alert and social for just spending a day on airplanes.  All her immunization
records were well maintained and current, and even commented that she seemed to have an excellent disposition.

We’ve had Misha for a whole week now and we are absolutely in love with her.  She does have a great disposition.  She is frisky and yet
lovingly gentle.  She is quick to learn; everything from sit commands to potty training.  She slept in her kennel happily for her first 2
nights, but we love her so much, she now snuggles at our feet on the bed.  She loves to go for rides in the car and sits in her doggy

I highly recommend Huletts Schnauzers to anyone looking for a healthy, happy and well adjusted puppy.  Thank You Amanda, for our
beautiful little girl!  We will keep in touch and continue to send you updates on the further adventures of Misha!


Ginnie E.

Corvallis Oregon
We are very pleased with our new puppy Zoey. She is very healthy, alert and lively.  I want to thank Amanda
for her patience with me, as I was very nervous about purchasing a puppy online. She was understanding
and didn't have a problem with the many questions I had regarding the puppies. And to my surprise, she
called to make sure the puppy was okay after the plane ride. After taking her to the vet, it was noted she
was very alert and healthy. She is quite a handful and has been a wonderful addition to our family. Thank
you Amanda for your patience with me. Zoey is a wonderful dog. I have reccommended Amanda to my
friends and will definitely do business with her again. Pictures are coming soon! Thanks again.

Monica Stamps
Atlanta Georgia
Mr. Koda
Miss Snickers
Our first miniature schnauzer, Abby, passed away after 14 ½ years in June 2005.  We were devastated.  Missing the companionship of Abby, in November we started looking
for another miniature schnauzer to adopt.  In our research, we stumbled upon Amanda’s site on the internet and were surprised to find that she lived in a small town within
an hour’s drive.  After talking to her, we set up an appointment to visit her kennel and see her puppies (Christmas 2005 litter) the following weekend.  

When we arrived, we were greeted at the front door by the youngest of Amanda’s five children.  Amanda and the children then led us to the nursery to meet the puppies.  She
had 2 litters at the time.  All of the older litter were spoken for and awaiting shipping or to be picked up, so we tried or best to focus our attention on the younger group.  She
opened the kennels and both litters were let out for us to play with.  After the better part of an hour of playing with puppies and kids, we selected a small, dark, salt and
pepper female who we named Hazel.  We corresponded with Amanda several times over the next three weeks while we were anxiously waiting for Hazel to be old enough to
pick up.  Amanda was always very nice and even sent us pictures of Hazel via email.  

When Hazel was 8 weeks old, we picked her up.  Just as our first visit, Amanda’s youngest daughter answered the door and had a puppy, which turned out to be Hazel,
literally draped across the crook of her arm like a rag doll (little did we know that it was an early indication of her laid back temperament).  Amanda gave us our packet of
information and explained her shot schedule to us.  We inquired about how the house training was going and she said Hazel had done very well.  We were excited to hear
this as Hazel’s first week with us included Christmas and trips to several family homes!  

Hazel was a quick learner and easily trained.  She was well socialized from the beginning, we believe due to the fact that she was around lots of children, and other dogs,
from day one.  We can honestly say that she has not met another dog, person or child that she doesn’t seem to love.  Walking her around our neighborhood is like walking
with the children’s equivalent of Elvis.  Kids stop riding their bikes, playing basketball and hopscotch to say hi and to pet Hazel.  Kids and adults alike regularly comment on
how ‘sweet natured’ she is.

UPDATE:  July, 2006
Hazel has continued to be a sweet, well adjusted dog and has a beautiful black and silver coat.  We have had the best time with her and glad that she is a part of our family.  
We have been so pleased with her that we contacted Amanda a few months ago to inquire about the possibility of adopting a sister for her so she would have a permanent
playmate.  While we were not able to adopt from Hazel’s bloodline, Amanda introduced us to a puppy we named Harriet that we picked up two weeks ago.  After a day of not
really knowing what to make of one another they have been inseparable, only stopping to sleep.  

It has been a pleasure dealing with Amanda.  Having seen and experienced it first hand, we believe everything from her country locale, the layout of her home (the nursery is
in-house) and family-life are conducive to producing good natured, well socialized schnauzers.  We hope that it is another 15 years before we are looking for another one (or
two), but we certainly recommend Hulett’s if you are interested in an addition to your family.

The Joneses - Arkansas
Hazel and Harriet
Hi Amanda,

I wanted to check in with you about the sisters we adopted last year in October. They are Camy & Bandit's kids. They have just been a
real joy to have around. Both of them are full of energy, of course, but are also very, very affectionate with everyone they meet.
Oonaugh, the liver & tan, is a real stunner and everyone is amazed by her eyes and coat. :-) Talulla, the dark salt and pepper, works
her magic with her long eyelashes and "cute as a button" looks. They are both beautiful girls! I'm attaching a few photos I took of
them recently. They've both gotten quite big. Oonaugh is now taller than both of our boys. She weighs about 14 1/2 pounds. Talulla
has always been a bit smaller than her sister. She weighs 12 pounds now but thinks she is the big dog. :-) They are both so full of
personality and confidence. You would be very proud of them!

Best wishes,

Vanessa Ross
I was looking for a White Miniature Schnauzer and I saw Amanda's Add in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. I called and She had
already sold it but told me to look on her website hulettsminiatureschnauzer.com so I did and there was Little Izzie, only four days
old, eyes and ears not even open yet. I fell in love, called Amanda and told her we wanted that little girl. Amanda was wonderful, she
sent me weekly pictures of Izzie, It was so exciting to watch Izzie change each week. Amanda answered any questions I had, Most
were already answered on her website.I liked that Amanda had pictures of Izzie's Mom and Dad on her website too. I loved the fact
that the puppies were born and raised in her home not outside in a kennel. When it was time to bring Izzie home Amanda said she
would meet me in Conway, AR that made it easier for me to find her. Izzie was so cute with her schnauzer hair cut, Amanda sent a
little stuffed bottle with her that had her mom's , brother's and sister's sent on it. Amanda also sent some vitamins for Izzie, she had
her pedigree ,pet record and contract ready to go. When We got Izzie home she made her self at home very quick. It was like she had
Already been here. I took her to see Dr. Robert Prescott  three days after I got her. Dr. Prescott said that she was a very healthy little
girl. He said Mike and I had made a good decision getting Izzie from Amanda. My husband and I said we would never have another
dog after we lost out Miniature white Poodle (Buddy). we had him for fifteen years and four months. But after he had been gone six
months we decided our house was too empty. We are so glad I saw that add in the paper that day and that I called Amanda. I would
recommend Amanda Hulett she is a wonderful breeder, she loves her dogs and she will help you in eany way she can.
Amanda thank you for our sweet little Izzie she is such a joy in our lives.
Mike and Joanie Clemons
Almyra, Arkansas
Here are some pictures that i had on my computer!!! i cant even begin to tell you what a
perfect dog he is!!! he is so calm and sweet and goes everywhere with me...he goes
running with me WITHOUT a leash and never leaves my side...we live in a neighborhood
and i let him out front with me while i water flowers and he never leaves the yard even
when kids and people run by....in the house he never leaves my side every step i take
he is right there...when i get ready he lays right beside my feet...when i am in the living
room he lays right at my feet...he loves to play and is so perfect with kids....he lets them
tote him all around and just lays there...he is just my best little friend :) it drives my
husband crazy...i think he is just jealous :) ha ha....
Tolbert Family in AR
I want to tell you what joy Winston has already brought into my life. I can't thank you enough. He
sleeps in his wire crate right next to my bed. It hasn't been a problem at all. During the day while I am
at school he he has the run of the laundry room. When I came home yesterday he had actually hit the
puddle pad. Wow was I surprised!! He had his first vet appointment yesterday. I am using Pro Plan.
The vet went ahead and gave him his third set of shots. He told me that I had a very healthy dog. He
had praises for you as a breeder.  Winston has an assortment of toys and fun things to do. He is
responding well to the do's and don'ts of our home. By the way he is 5 and 1/2 lbs. I will write you at
various times  and let you know about his progress. He has gotten so many gifts now that I don't
think he can keep up with the thank you notes. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I will make some (pics) today and send to you. He is almost 16 pounds, He was neutered in Jan. and
came through it just fine. He is WONDERFUL!!! He snuggles up with me at night and loves to sleep in
my lap. He loves his walks that we take every day. He has figured out where my friend lives. He stops
at her house every day,barks, and waits for her to come out and love him. He is no trouble to bathe. I
am using the groomer that I used before. She is the only one I would ever use. I love his cute
personality. Thanks so very much. Jamie
I'm sure you are just dying to know how Remington is doing.  Sorry it has taken me so long to get
you an update, but we had a meet this past weekend and things have been crazy since we've been
back from picking him up. He is awesome!!!  I can't tell you how much I'm impressed with him
everyday.  He has already mastered sit on command and he is getting come quickly.  Until that is
mastered, we won't move to the next command.  He's been doing very well with potty training.  
Yesterday, he actually scratched at the door to go out...WOW!!!  He goes everywhere with me...to
school, the gym, the office when I have to go, the store...you name it, he's there.  Everyone loves
him!!!  He gets so much attention.  We took him to Lubbock with us to my son's gymnastics meet this
past weekend.  He had his own team t-shirt and was a big hit.  I've had a lot of people asking about
where we got him.  Don't be surprised if you get some emails from a few people around here.  He
plays with his toys, but only in the middle of the living room...we've tried taking them into other
rooms, but he always ends up dragging them back to the living room as if they belong there.  His
favorite...my house keys.  If I drop those, I have to wait until he's done with them or I get the most
pitiful look.  As much as I tried to keep him in his basket next to the bed...it didn't work.  All of our
dogs are too big to sleep in the bed with us.  My husband gave in first.  Since then, he's been
nestled in between our pillows every night.  He sleeps the whole night through, then it's up,
outside to potty and playtime!!! Dr. Payne was really impressed with him at his visit last week.  He
said he had a good bite and great structure.  Plus, the puppy kisses didn't hurt. I've got tons of
pictures, but my photo program is running a little slow for some reason.  I'll send some by the end
of the week. He's a wonderful puppy.  I truly feel like he was guided to us by my beloved Gunner.  
He knew how much I needed a schnauzer in my life. Can't thank you enough. Emma                  
Here is a note of recommendation and praise!  I had been looking for my
next  Schnauzer for at least 2 years.   Unfortunately I found out the “hard”
way to “never” buy a puppy from an unknown; sad story behind this remark!  
I always have one house dog (schnauzer) and several other big dogs to run @ the barn.

I met Amanda thru a riding friend at a Horse Trial in central Texas.  Amanda had
the most adorable, sweetest pregnant Schnauzer (Princess) with her.  I knew
immediately my look was over.  We exchanged information as I told her I MUST
have one of this litters pups (female).  It was very exciting watching the web-site
as photo’s were on soon as pups were born and updated photo’s weekly.  I knew
which pup was  mine. Amanda was very helpful in getting my puppy to me when it was time.

I have had my Lilee for 8 months now.  She is nothing more than pure joy
on a daily basis.  Her disposition is absolutely the best.  One of the reason’s for
my long look to find that perfect puppy is I like the smaller Schnauzers
(under 10 lbs).  Lilee is great…..  she has a wonderful soft coat too.  
I have given all my friends Amanda’s web-site and recommend their
puppys to anyone looking. I hope to have another one of their pups too!

Fyi—Lilee is a Princess/Cowboy result!  ;-)

Terrie Vandewart
Four-Beat Equestrian
Midland, TX   
Mr. Koda