Schnauzers Kids
Vilonia, AR 72173

This Agreement made and entered into on this _ ___day of _________,2020, by and between Amanda Hulett, Hereinafter Referred As Seller,
and___________________________,as buyer.

Date of Birth:________________________________ Color:___________________________ Sex:________________________

Dam:_______________________________________  Sire:____________________________ Reg. #:_______________________           

Amanda Hulett  sells "pet quality" pets only. There is no guarantee, expressed, or implied, that the pets are show quality, or that they will reproduce,they are as
companion pets only.

If owner ever decides that he/she can not care for this puppy/dog any longer, he will return puppy/adult to Amanda Hulett.

Due to the  quality of dog foods on the market today, we HIGHLY recommend you keep your puppy on NuVet Plus Canine supplement at least till the age of 3
years. It is important for your puppy to have all the right vitamins and nutrients the first  few years of their life. If you keep your puppy on NuVet Plus, I will
extend your health guarantee until the puppy is two years old. NuVet will send me a monthly report showing who is ordering. You must order by calling
1-800-474-7044 and use order code 10619.

Seller does not guarantee against any worms or coccidia (parasites), giardia, parasites, or kennel cough.  We will replace your dog if it dies of Parvo or Distemper
within 24 hours. We do not accept snap test, you must have a state lab confirm.

Qualification for replacement Pet: Buyer must have taken your pet for a vet check within the required time; 24 hours hour from time of pickup (if purchased on a
weekend the pup must be seen by a vet the following Monday), follow your vet's advise and upon death of the animal have an autopsy performed by STATE LAB
and returned written cause of death to seller. All cost are Buyer's Expense.

Should the puppy be diagnosed with any genetically derived medical disorder of heart, liver, or kidneys, within 6 months from date of purchase, which is considered
by two unassociated vets to seriously impact the quality of life short of euthanasia, or require continuous medical treatment throughout the course of the puppy's
life. Amanda Hulett will, upon provision of veterinary reports, provide buyer with one of the following options.

A.  Should buyer choose to keep puppy and accept partial refund, Amanda Hulett  will, upon receipt of proof of spay/neuter, refund 50% of purchase price.
B. Should buyer choose  to relinquish ownership  of the puppy to Amanda Hulett, Amanda Hulett will replace to puppy with another one of equal value within one
year, less any shipping or miscellaneous charges necessary for transportation of the puppy to and from  Amanda Hulett.

All legal matters regarding this puppy will be handled in Faulkner County, AR.


We DO NOT pay veterinarian bills or any other expenses incurred by buyer. We also do not give refunds except under above circumstances.

Amanda Hulett retains full interest in pet until all checks are cleared and payment is received in full. All puppies must be paid in full by 8 weeks of age. If shipping
is needed, puppy must be paid for in full plus shipping by 7 weeks o ld.

This contract/guarantee is for the parties stated below (original owners) and can not be transferred.

Buyer: I have read the above and understand the full contents thereof:

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