Other Family Members
We are animal lovers!!! Some of these are past pets and everyday pictures
with some of our favorites.
Tindle and Laney taking a nap together
Our backyard during our big snow in Feb. 2010
Princess is checking out the view.
We sure miss her!
I waited 5 years to be able to get a black/silver
giant, and he was worth every bit of the wait!!!
He was my shadow!!
This was Laney's first horse, Blondie
This is Roo, my husbands baby girl!
We sure miss her!!
Laney and Sparkles
Laney and Buddy. Buddy was 2 when Laney got him for her birthday
and he was a pasture horse. Never would have thought 4 months
later he would be like a puppy with her. He follows her around the
yard like a dog and he has even bonded with one of our giant
schnauzers. They play chase back and forth. Best Pony ever!!
Laney and Spec
Around here, no one takes a nap alone
Ashley and Nick found a frog
"Can we keep him mom, PLEASE"
Laney spending time
with a friends filly
This is Belle and Melody, 2 of
our Nigerian Dwarf girls
Tindle and Laney taking a nap together