We would first like to ask that if you purchase a puppy from us that you agree to NEVER place this puppy in a
shelter. We do not mean to imply that a shelter is not a safe place for your puppy...some of them are wonderful.
We will gladly take the puppy back and make every effort to find him/her a safe and loving home. We work very
hard to assure that your puppy will be well socialized, happy and healthy and if life or circumstances change and
you are unable to keep the puppy he/she still deserves a happy and loving home. Please allow us the opportunity
to find him/her that safe, happy and loving home.

Deposits are non-refundable! If you are requesting a particular puppy be placed on hold it is your responsibility as
the Buyer to print, sign, date and return the Deposit form to the Seller along with your deposit. By placing a deposit
on a Puppy the Buyer agrees that they have read, understand and agree to all terms and conditions herein. Please
understand that your opportunity to pick a puppy is determined by the order in which deposits are received.
Receipt of a deposit signifies the Buyers intent to complete the purchase transaction. . If your puppy remains with
us past 8 weeks of age there will be a $55.00 a week charge as long as he/she is with us. We will continue to
care for your puppy by giving shots, worming, baths/groomings and any general care necessary for your puppy's
well being. If Seller determines the puppy should remain in Sellers care the $55.00 per week charge will not apply.
If something unforeseeable happens to your puppy while in our care Buyer will have the option of a refund or may
choose from another litter. Any changes to this contract must be in writing as well as signed and dated by both
the Buyer and the Seller. When Buyer is picking up puppy and making final payment at that time Cash will be the
only form of payment accepted. lf picking up in the state of AR or you live in the state of AR will do have to charge
sales tax. In some cases your puppy can be hand delivered to you. Buyer is expected to pay for fuel expense and
lodging if an overnight stay is expected due to distance driven.  Health Guarantee. To the best of Sellers
knowledge this puppy is in good health and is well socialized. We have taken every precaution to ensure the
health and well being of the puppy including that said puppy's parents have no known hereditary defects. Buyer
assumes all responsibility for this puppy once it has left Sellers care. Buyer agrees to take Puppy to the
Veterinarian of their choice within  24 hours of receiving puppy. Buyer agrees to providing food, clean water and
medical care when needed for Puppy to live a healthy and happy live. Buyer agrees to continue vaccinations,
worming. Buyer agrees to protect Puppy from unsafe or life threatening conditions and/or situations that could be
harmful to the Puppy.  Buyer agrees that this guarantee is null and void upon any evidence of abuse, neglect, or
failure to maintain the proper vaccinations, worming, and care for Puppy.

This agreement is non-transferable!  This agreement must be on file for a puppy to be marked SOLD. If paying by
paypal, this must be printed,signed, mailed and received within one week of deposit being made.

Date _______________   Phone #s _________________________________________________

Description of puppy wanted (sex, color, DOB, Parents) or list you wish to be added to


Purchase price $____________  Deposit $_____________  Balance $___________________

AKC papers: limited or full (circle one)

limited means: no offspring will be able to be reg., puppy wanted as a pet only

full mean: you can reg. offspring and you can show in any AKC show ring.
Schnauzer Kids
Deposit Agreement